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Sacred Full Moon - Moon Phase Cup

Sacred Full Moon - Moon Phase Cup

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Our Moon Phases cup is an exquisite piece of artwork.

This unique handmade ceramic cup has been wheel thrown, delicately hand-carved, glazed and hand-painted with liquid gold. 

Many hours of handmade love have bought this cup to you, so you can share the beauty of her creation in your home.

This cup is a reminder that every phase we go through is temporary, and the only constant is change.

The phases of the moon are complex and beautiful. As the moon moves through her phases, so do we, sometimes shining bright and other times shying away from the light to allow ourselves time to regenerate, grow and clear our minds.

We often find our lives mirroring the deep spiritual meanings and ancient rituals associated with the changing of the moon.


Handmade by Australian artist, Carys Martin 

The Moon Phases Cup holds approximately 300ml /10fl Oz.


Each piece is chosen intuitively for you.

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