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Rose Quartz Pendulum

Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Rose quartz symbolises Unconditional love and peace. It purifies and calms the heart and attracts love to and from you. 

Rose quartz is the perfect stone for self love and acceptance. It helps to release unexpressed emotions, heartache, comforts grief and encourages self forgiveness and trust. 

Its most common use is to communicate with your spirit through your guides or higher self by asking questions. You will need to program your pendulum to establish cues for "yes," and "no."

1. Using the hand that feels most comfortable, hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger with your elbow slightly bent.

2. Set an intention to allow the highest truth to be represented in its answer and to guide you with the purest intentions

3. Ask to demonstrate which cues represent "yes," and "no." Then you're set.
Each piece is chosen intuitively for you.
Colour, shape and size vary throughout batches.
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