"The truth behind the brand"

Crystals and Me began its journey in 2020. Having found peace through crystals and self care work myself made my purpose clear – to create a lifestyle brand that resonates with the soul, encouraging Self-Love, Healing, Confidence and that embraces Spiritual Growth.

As the brand evolved, so did our collections of crystals and candles. They werent only admired for their beauty but, for their true intentions and connection with people - inviting peace from the outside to the inside in times of chaos.

The beauty i saw was the perfectly timed resonance people had when they connected to one of our crystals or candles. As if it was waiting to be found by them only, allowing that person to feel truely seen. And that still makes me smile. 

You may be unknowingly drawn to the energy that your soul is searching for in one of our pieces or feel a sense of tranquillity when you light one of our candles and that is the energy we love to create. 

We pride ourselves on our creativity and for this reason all our candles are hand-made by us in Melbourne. We consciously hand pick every crystal, every fragrance, and every dried floral to ensure you are surrounded by beautiful crystals and home fragrances that emit positivity and an empowering energy. 

I am truely filled with so much Gratitude that my inner passion for emotional and spiritual balance has already been embraced by so many. This is something that I hold very close to my heart, and what continues to drive all that i do.

With Love 


Crystals & Me